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Now that we’re in our first space and the equipment is starting to come in and get used, I think it’s time to refocus on the projects that are necessary to immediately help us function effectively and make the place useful and welcome for members and potential members.

For instance, many members are more interested in classes than using the space for projects. We’d like to have a regular schedule for popular classes and make it easy for everyone to request new classes. For those who are excited about using the space for their projects, we want to make sure the right tools are available and everyone is trained to use them safely.

To get the process started, the first step is to identify the projects that matter. I’ve started a Google Doc that can be edited by anyone. Please take the time to look at it and give us your input. If you have questions or items that you aren’t sure about, use the comments feature on the right side of the document.

Once we have a solid list, we’ll move it over to a board on Trello. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects and ideas into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. If you sign up using our referral link, Tampa Hackerspace will get a free upgrade which will help us better manage these projects.

Within Trello, people can assign themselves to projects and tasks. You’ll also be able to see the status of all projects and help us understand what resources are needed to keep things moving forward.

These projects will only get done when we work together and pitch in to help. I hope to see all of you soon at Tampa Hackerspace!


  1. says

    I am working on getting Horatio functional….We have WATER!! Fully functional bathroom, power, kitchen. My next door neighbor has sold his house and is getting rid of the contents of his house, mostly bookshelves, books, and tools. They will be demo-ing the house and lots of good supplies will be readily accessible for reuse, but I can’t do it alone. There needs to be a group dedicated to organizing and setting up systems that can be utilyzed for project management- according to what everyone decides is important.
    My personal needs are help with computer management- email and simple navigation. If there is interest in this space I will persist. Otherwise I may direct my energies elsewhere.
    Plant High PTSA is willing to support an innovative program that benefits the community and the students. Some of the teachers have expressed interest in an off-site place for projects that reinforce the common core, STEM and other philosophies, but it needs to be organized, fairly simply executed, and reproducible, as we are partnering with Metropolitan Ministries PTSA to ‘show them how things are run’ – the South Tampa Way.( I know! but True!) There are excellent managers and well-connected people that just need to be educated about the Maker Movement, along with recycling and creative reuse.
    My areas of passion and knowledge are composting and water reuse and conservation- unfortunately 2 things that have not been supported in Tampa thus far, as there is too much at stake in not supporting it, but that is changing, so we should be at the forefront in helping form policy and process.

    • admin says

      Hi Terre,

      You know we’re interested. The meeting last week laid out an extensive list of projects that will take lots of time to plan and implement. It will take a long term commitment from everyone involved. We need to work out those commitments now to ensure the projects are successful. Part of the commitment is ensuring access for the duration of the project. Part of it is providing leadership, manpower and skills.

      Chris Williams worked on organizing the plans for several hours yesterday and quite a bit of it is going to be published online in a publicly accessible place where anyone with interest can contribute and participate.

      What is the timeframe for the demolition next door? When do people need to be there to talk to your neighbor about the items he is disposing of? Is he selling them or are they donations? Send me some details and I’ll post it (or you can post it) so that we can take action.

      For your personal needs with your technology, are you looking for someone to tutor you or are you interested in a class of some type? I know it’s a constant source of frustration for you. You can let me know privately if you prefer and I’ll try to get you pointed in the right direction.

      I can’t help but wonder if there are some people from the Roosevelt who are now displaced that may be in a position to contribute time, expertise, and resources to what we’re planning. Do you know any of them?

      • says

        I reached out to Daisy at the Roosevelt who seemed enthused but haven’t heard from principals. I have previously tried to engage them in my water reuse projects (for pay) but never got much interest. They have a very specific business model in mind I think. But I am open to all comers.
        I noticed that directly behind the horatio property, and overriding the lawyer next door’s parking lot is a place called Bricks for Kids. They do after school lego related care and projects and have never heard of makerspaces. What do you think? Kismet?

      • says

        The man next door is a good friend, elderly- very smart and interesting and engaged. He would be willing to barter for stuff- needs rides to places occasionally. I’d love to start our own time-tracking system if youall are up for it. That way those that do hours of work are compensated in some way without the hefty fee of Tampa time bank. I think the idea is good, it’s just the execution lately has been lagging for a variety of reasons.
        In fact my neighbor could use a ride up to USF today at 1pm, just to have his Holter monitor chip downloaded and replaced. If someone could do it that would help me and him and start the ball rolling.

      • says

        Regarding ” access for the duration ” the only way there won’t be access is if the space is not being used. It doesn’t make financial, or personal sense to have the house sitting empty for weeks and months when I have made it available to anyone and everyone that wanted it. My only qualm was that if I signed a long term contract with any one group, others may become excluded. I am committed to developing the space until it wears me out. I have paid for power and water to be turned on, bujt now there has to be some interest from others. If not, I am better off mentally finding another project to fund.
        I am willing to partner with anyone , but have to know the parameters. I know what projects I want to see, but if I am partnering with you all do I identify as such when I am soliciting interest from others? schools, non profits, businesses like Home depot or Ace to support classes? (which they have expressed interest in, along with Chipotle and PDQ as part of the backyard gardening plan and composting their vegetable waste. There are also clubs that are looking to be more sustainable regarding their use of consumables in various functions they have, along with the Food Truck movement.

  2. Zack Kummer says

    It would be nice if we could get an always-on stream of the entryway for security purposes and maybe a few cameras throughout the space for streaming classes. Old androids could be a food option for the small size and low power consumption, and I’d be willing to pay for a Kinect or two for better quality if someone has an old laptop to donate to handle the actual streaming.

  3. admin says

    Clearly, we need to work out the details. If the project loses steam for lack of resources or our participation, we can certainly address that in an agreement whereas no activity after some time period voids the agreement or something.

    For other uses, I want the agreement to spell out what projects we’re doing with you and having a commitment for the space. It doesn’t take away your ownership and it doesn’t have to be an exclusive arrangement where other things can’t happen. We just need to work out the best way to make it work. We should leave room for new projects to be added by mutual agreement in case we have new great ideas.

  4. Carl says


    I am VERY interested in checking out your hackerspace and joining. I found your calendar but I didn’t see any open house days, is there a good day to go out to visit/talk/get the lay of the land?


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