Projects That Matter – Six Weeks Later

On October 1st, we started a short-term initiative for Tampa Hackerspace called Projects That Matter. We created a Google Doc and listed a number of 30 day projects. PTM was defined as projects which:

  • Establish the infrastructure that makes our space and organization functional
  • Provides for the sustainability of the group

As a matter of accountability (and to remind everyone that we’re still working on many of these), I’d like to enumerate where we are six weeks later.


Intranet Server – Our server is up and running! We’re in the process of installing services on it now. First, we’re creating a wiki that is world viewable and editable from inside the hackerspace (or from a VPN connection). You can see our server online at

Identify key classes to offer on a regular basis – We have identified intro classes that will be repeated every month for members and non-members. The first round of classes are scheduled and ready to go.

Almost Done

Front Door Access – We have a realtor lock box on order. This will provide members access to the door to our suite. The outside door key will continue to be provided to keyholder members for round-the-clock access.

Kickstarter – *sigh* At this point, the only thing holding us up is for Amazon to unleash our payment account so that we can submit the campaign to Kickstart. In the last few weeks, the video, narrative, rewards levels, and badge design were all completed.

Setup workshop at Horatio House – I wouldn’t call this almost done but it is much further along that “Not Much Progress.” We have relocated the wood shop tools and aluminum forges to the house. We organized the contents of the house and separated them into keep for the hackerspace and sell. A garage sale is scheduled for this Saturday, Nov. 16th, to raise money for the green hackerspace projects. Generally, this is going well but it’s certainly more than a 30 day project.

Enclose 3D printer in plexiglass – The measurements are made, the design is complete. We’re waiting for a chance to get to MOSI to cut and etch the material for final assembly.

Started Without Much Progress

Priority list for equipment – We have a priority list and are just now beginning to acquire this equipment.

Organize Procedure for Consumables – Refreshments has an honor jar. The other things still need to be dealt with.

Marketing / Signage – Jamie Cunningham cut a very nice sign on his CNC for us. It still needs to be painted and installed. No progress on the yard signs.

Not Started

  • Get our website in order and down to a single site.
  • Security Cameras
  • Make Superhoop crowdfunding worthy
  • Plan Tampa Maker Faire
  • Work Benches

Overall, I think we’ve made very respectable progress. In this time period, we also planned and hosted the first Restart Party in North America, acquired a robotic arm, cleared out a truckload of recycling, and the 3D printer is now working smoothly. We also setup a lounge area with a loaned 55″ TV and have it setup to run Minecraft from a Raspberry Pi.

Everything we accomplished was done by volunteers. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved!

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to clear as much of the Almost Done items from the list as possible. We’d love to see some action on the last two categories. If you have the time and expertise to help, let us know!.


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