LEGO Quadcopter Kickstarter

LEGO Quadcopter Drone

There’s a new Kickstarter for a LEGO quadcopter / drone kit from Ed Scott and Nick Margarone. They first met up at a “Everything Quadrotor” Meetup we organized back in November. Ed showed off his autonomous GPS-controlled hexcopter and talked about a lot of his experiences flying, including recovering his copter from crashes in lakes and […]

2013 In Review / Looking Forward

2013 was a great start for us at Tampa Hackerspace. Rather than go on and on about what we’ve done, I’ll simply post a list and conclude with some of the things that we already know we’re looking towards in 2014. We’re planning a board workshop to do some goal setting but I really want […]

Projects That Matter – Six Weeks Later


On October 1st, we started a short-term initiative for Tampa Hackerspace called Projects That Matter. We created a Google Doc and listed a number of 30 day projects. PTM was defined as projects which: Establish the infrastructure that makes our space and organization functional Provides for the sustainability of the group As a matter of […]

Projects That Matter

Tampa Hackerspace

Now that we’re in our first space and the equipment is starting to come in and get used, I think it’s time to refocus on the projects that are necessary to immediately help us function effectively and make the place useful and welcome for members and potential members. For instance, many members are more interested […]

8/14 HackerSpace Meeting Update

We had another great meeting last night! I counted about 36 people present and we had a lot of cool projects that people talked about. There was great networking before and after the meeting. We ended about 9:30 and the last of us rolled out of here around 11. For those who couldn’t make it, […]

We Met Our Pledge Goal!

We’re ready to move into our first space! We’ve reached the $1000 needed in pledges to pay the rent and we’re ready to go. Please use the Founding Membership link on our membership page to activate your pledge. The subscription will last for six months at which point we expect to have a sustainable membership […]

Where We Are June 10th Edition

Inspiration Labs, a local educational non-profit has been moving very quickly towards establishing a membership driven, creative space for hobbyists, inventors, makers, and artists. In the last two weeks, the board of directors has established bylaws and established a plan for membership. Inspiration Labs, Inc. was formed to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen […]