Group Projects

One of the things we do is organize group projects. Some of these are just for fun, some are for demonstrations and shows, and some are for competitions. Here are a few of our projects.

2013 Red Bull Creation – Extreme Fencing

Our very first group project, before we even had a space, was for the 2013 Red Bull Creation, where we built an extensive electronic system to turn fencing into more of an interactive video game with light-up LED targets and a scoreboard with health bars.


2013 Radio Shack / Popular Mechanics Hackerspace Challenge

Our next was for the 2013 Radio Shack Hackerspace Challenge, where we competed against another hackerspace to build an interesting project that updated an older technology. We built a mind-controlled TARDIS-style Police Box Lander game inside a full-scale replica TARDIS box. We won the challenge and received a $1,000 check for the space.


2013 Orlando Mini Maker Faire – SuperHoops

For the 2013 Orlando Mini Maker Faire, we built a new project, SuperHoops, which are Arduino-controlled LED-lit hula hoops with lots of patterns for persistence-of-vision (POV) displays.


Make: Robot Hacks

For the Make: Robot Hacks event, we built an interactive, animated Minecraft Chicken model.


We received a Voltaic 6W Solar Cell and battery with a challenge to build something useful. We came up with a carbon monoxide monitor that can report readings to a custom Google map. We developed it in such a way that ANYONE can build their own pollution sensors and add their data to our map. Pollution Monitor

Hackaday ran a sci-fi challenge and we built a Star Trek:Next Generation Comminicator Badge with bluetooth. We robbed a small Jabra BT earplug for parts and 3D printed the badge. ST:NG BT badge