How to Help

It’s no small task organizing and running Tampa’s first hackerspace! We’re an all volunteer organization run by members. There are always things to be done and extra help is really appreciated. We’re especially interested in finding experts for various projects. We’d like to think we know it all but we don’t!

If you can help on any of these items, please use our contact form, comment below, or send an email to president at inspirationlabs followed by .us (not .com).

1. Upcoming Events needing volunteers

2. Specific Ways to Help

  • There are a few specific item donations we could use. The list is here. Our complete donation policy can be found here
  • We need a qualified electrician to work with on upgrading electrical power in the building.
  • We need members! Hey, it’s $50/month and lots of good things happen when we have money to improve our space. Visit the membership page to get the application and pay online.
  • Teach a class! Nothing builds community faster than a little education. If it’s free, great! If you’d like to make a little, we can work with that too. We’ll provide the space, you bring the class!
  • Not quite ready to join? You can stay informed about our goings on by subscribing to our email list to the right. You’ll only receive messages tailored to your interest.
  • Attend a class! Check out our schedule of events. If you don’t see a class you’re looking for, let us know.
  • Write one of the grant applications. We have a few grant opportunities pending. Most of them have models to follow so it’s merely a matter of applying decent writing skills and following a pattern. We can really leverage member dollars with extra funds and we’ll end up with new programs to benefit everyone.
  • Volunteer! Check out our list of activities and projects on Trello. Not only don’t we know it all, we also can’t do it all. We need help with space planning, sorting donations, implementing software and servers for the space, gathering specs for and evaluating equipment, adding more content to our website, budgeting for expansion, and more. Whether you have a little time or a lot, everything moves faster if there are more hands on deck.

  • Help edit the Wiki

3. Donate!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit after all! Your contributions are always appreciated.

4. Join our Notification List

Our weekly update on events, classes, projects, needs, etc.