Resources for Makers

Here is a list of useful resources for makers in the Tampa Bay area.

Commercial Fabrication Shops

We often get requests for commercial work or for a project that’s beyond our current equipment. Here are several of the local commercial fabrication shops we’ve come across. We don’t really have experience with any of them so we’re not endorsing or recommending them over others.

Etchd Unlimited – a laser cutting / engraving facility in St. Petersburg

Precision Laser – a Clearwater laser cutting / engraving shop

The Object Shop – a 3D printing shop in Lutz with a Z Corp 650 powder printer

Electronics Suppliers

There really aren’t a lot of local options left. Radio Shack is an obvious source. Tiger Direct carries a few Arduino-related items.

For online sellers, SparkFun and Adafruit are the ones we use the most. We have reseller agreements and discounts with both and do group orders every 2-6 weeks which makes it cheap to order smaller things without big shipping charges. You can order through us using this spreadsheet.

Of course there are places like Digikey, Mouser, Jameco, etc. that carry huge catalogs of components. On the cheap side, there are sites like Tayda, DealExtreme, and even eBay and Amazon where you can order lots of electronic components from Chinese suppliers.

Hardware and Parts

Options for unusual screws, bolts, etc.: House of Threads near Port of Tampa,  A & N Sales north of Tampa Airport, or Ace Hardware.