Hackerspace or Makerspace?

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday flipping through the collected bylaws of some of the more prominent Hackerspaces on the website http://hackerspaces.org (a phenomenal resource btw for up and coming spaces). I am struggling with defining a couple of terms. 1. What is the difference between a hackerspace and a makerspace? Is one […]

What do you make?

Looking at space planning I think it would be helpful to learn a little more from those who would become members. Comment below and let us know. 1. What do you make? 2. What equipment do you want access to in our space? 3. If there are any other special requirements, what are they?

First Status Update

Finances and corporate stuff There a number of administrative and financial issues that need to be addressed in the very short term. I’ve identified experts I need to consult with each item. Since we have no money, I’m looking for some pro bono help to get things off the ground. Please use your network of […]