Check Out Our Red Bull Project Exhibition and Planned HackerSpace!

I want to invite everyone to come out Sunday at 1:00 to MOSI.

First, our Red Bull Project Group is going to do a public demonstration of our project. In our minds it is FANTABULATOROUS and spectacular! We hope everyone agrees. We’ll be videotaping the event so we are counting on a good turnout to cheer on our team. We may need some assistance with the video and special effects. If you have any stage production experience, I want to hear from you!

Second, we’re close to finalizing an agreement with MOSI to embed our first HackerSpace with them. If you haven’t seen the space and all of the available equipment, this is a great chance to see it all first hand. I’m going to have a few people available to walk groups through for mini-tours.

Finally, we need to put our hands on some lasers and recruit an emcee. I will emcee if needed but it would be great to have some voice talent to make the video pop. Please step up if you can help with either.

We’ll be doing this in a public area of MOSI so you don’t have to pay to get in. However, non-members are charged $4 for parking.

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