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I can’t begin to describe what a blast we had building a full scale Tardis and then embedding a video game into the box!

We had 30 days to design, build and program this beast. On the way, I personally managed to fry TWO Raspberry Pi’s. But, in the end, the project rocked. Neil provided the game programming and rPi expertise. Tom built the Tardis and wired the equipment into the box. I handled the EEG headset interface and programming for the Arduinos. I could not have asked for a better team or mix of skills. Considering the deadline and amount of work to get done, I’m amazed that the only feature we left out from our original plan was the rumble floor. Truthfully, we could have done it but we didn’t plan for enough space below the deck and player’s heads would have blocked the video for the game.

We actually finished the build at the end of June. Because of publishing schedules and other stuff, the challenge we participated in is only just now live on the Popular Mechanics website.

Check us out. The winning team gets a thousand bucks which we plan to donate to Tampa Hackerspace. So, no further delay! Visit RadioShack 2013 Hackerspace Challenge. and vote for us.

If your techie, you’ll enjoy the project description narrated by yours truly.

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