Group Project: Superhoop

Our group project for the Orlando Maker Faire is well underway. Our first meeting was this past Monday where we tested the technology for feasibility, worked out a detailed project plan and feature set and determined a budget for the project.

We’ll be building three 1 meter hoops and six 30 cm hoops which will all be lit up with addressable LED lighting. Atmega 168s are the brains and the hoops will be instrumented with a variety of sensors to support a variety of games and interactive features.

It’s not too late to join us if you’re interested in participating. We formed a Facebook group to talk about the project.

The project budget is $400. We passed the hat at our meeting last night and raised $153.87 which happens to be the product of the three prime factors 3, 23, 223. This seems cool for some unknown reason.

If you would like to help fund the project, below is a convenient donation link. Donors contributing $100 or more get a featured mention on our materials at the Maker Faire. Any remaining funds will benefit Tampa Hackerspace.

Superhoop Project Fund

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