Classes, Projects, Organizing and More!

Progress is accelerating!
There are a lot of changes afoot. We're going to make an effort each Friday to send out one of these updates with the latest news, events, and projects. Andy Thoreson has offered to take on the regular communications via our mailing list and help update and streamline our website. Here are just a few of the things that happened this week.

Classes. We've scheduled a host of classes. The current class schedule is on the right and you can always see the latest schedule on our Meetup Page.

Meetings. We're going to see about livestreaming our meetings and free classes using Google Hangouts. Livestreamed events will be saved to our YouTube channel for offline viewing. Follow Tampa Hackerspace on G+ to get plugged into these streaming events.

Streamlining. Between the domains and identities we inherited and the plethora of social media options available today, it has become hard to effectively maintain it all. To simplify a bit, we're taking steps to optimize our online footprint. First, we're consolidating our web presence to the domain When we're done, all other domains will simply redirect to the main site. The content of the existing blog will be moved and the site will become the focal point for everything else. You'll find membership information, projects, the calendar and more. More or less real time announcements will be made on twitter. This mailing list will be used for our regularly scheduled newsletter. We'll crosspost it to the blog when there is something exceptionally cool to announce. Resource scheduling is being handled on Google Calendar. Right now, we have one calendar setup for the space. If you don't have a key, you'll be able to see when the space is open by visiting the Hackerspace Calendar. We'll add calendars for other resources as they become available. Finally, we're using Meetup to schedule classes and meetings. When those events are at the hackerspace, you'll see them mirrored on the space calendar.

Helping out. There are lots of ways to help. You can join, donate a few bucks to our group project ($150 of $450 raised so far), teach a class, donate items for the space, or help us round up the existing donations. If you're not sure how to help, contact us!

Vote for us!

We built a full-scale Dr. Who style TARDIS! Check out the videos and learn how it gets even cooler than that. The winning project gets $1,000 from RadioShack and we're donating it to Tampa Hackerspace if we win! Visit the challenge page and vote. Don't forget to share it with your friends!

Group Project: Superhoops

We're building a set of programmable LED hoops in a couple of sizes to bring to the Orlando Maker Faire. There is lots left to do so join us if you want to participate.

9/16 Getting Started with Social Media: Facebook Class 7:00 PM

9/17 Weekly Open Meeting (new time is this week only) 6:30 PM

9/17 Minty Boost Beginning Soldering Class (directly following the open meeting) 8:00 PM

9/19 Circuit Board Design with EagleCAD 7:00 PM

9/25 Intro to 3D Printing 7:00 PM

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