Donation Policy Draft

Now that donations are starting to roll in, it’s time to get a handle on organizing them. We’ve take the time to draft some policies and procedures for handling donations. It’s a work in progress and the document is open to public comment. You’ll find it at Donation Policy Draft.

Some highlights:

Items we can’t accept: Anything we would have to pay to discard (CRTs, chemicals, lead batteries)
Intake procedures for new donations
Using donated items
Disposing of donated items
Recycling Program

To support our plan for this area, we urgently need a few things. IF they could be donated, we won’t have to buy them!

1. Open metal shelving
2. Clean recycling bins. Now that the county has switched to those new containers for garbage and recycling pickup, we could use a nice stack of those sturdy recycling bins you used to drag out to curb every week.
3. Sturdy 6 or 8 foot tables

Check it out. Your input makes this policy better!

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