Directions to Tampa Hackerspace


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Tampa Hackerspace

4931 W. Nassau Street

Tampa, FL 33607

We are located in Tampa’s Westshore district, just south of Tampa International Airport.

Tampa Hackerspace Building


Parking is free and usually fairly easy.

Evenings and weekends: The neighboring businesses, in our building and the adjacent building to the east, are closed and they don’t mind if we use their parking spaces. They do ask that we try not to block their loading docks / loading bay doors in case they have a delivery running late.

Weekdays during business hours: We should use our five spaces in front first, then there are six angled visitor spaces at the end of the building. There is also a grassy area between the buildings.

Street Parking: Although it is legal here, the landlord has asked us not to do it, so that should be a last resort, especially during weekday business hours when there is a lot of delivery traffic.

Caspers / McDonalds: They have signs posted threatening to tow so let’s not test them.


Tampa Hackerspace Parking

Public Transportation:

The closest HART bus line to our location is 10, but 15, 30, and 45 all cross Westshore and Cypress, an intersection within easy walking distance.