Training Schedule for MOSI’s Equipment Shop

MOSI just updated their training schedule for the equipment in their shop.

I know. Your first question is, “Why do I care?” Quite simply, if you’re a MOSI member (and memberships are as little as $45 per year), once you are trained on the equipment, you can use it! I can’t think of a better deal for access to the likes of 3d printing, laser cutters, injection molding machines, a vinyl cutter, a 3D mill, and a woodworking shop! Use of some of the machines may have nominal charges for consumables. The equipment is all located behind the IdeaZone in a separate set of workshops.

Prices for the various classes range from $12 to $23 for a two hour class.

  • 3D Design and Printing (April 7)
  • Vinyl Cutting (April 20)
  • 3D Milling and Scanning (May 2)
  • Plastic Injection Molding (May 19)

Course descriptions and registrations are available online at

MOSI IdeaZone


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