2013 In Review / Looking Forward

2013 was a great start for us at Tampa Hackerspace. Rather than go on and on about what we’ve done, I’ll simply post a list and conclude with some of the things that we already know we’re looking towards in 2014. We’re planning a board workshop to do some goal setting but I really want to hear from the members and get everyone else’s input on what they’d like to see. So, how about it Tampa? What do you think Tampa Hackerspace should be doing in 2014?

2013 Milestones and Accomplishments

April – Incorporated
May – Completed our first group project – Extreme Fencing!
June – Compete in the RadioShack Hackerspace Challenge (we won!)
August – Moved in to Tampa Hackerspace.
October – Showed our superhoops project at the Orlando Mini Maker Faire
November – Held the first Restart Party in North America
December – 501c3 filed
Since August, 15 classes with 162 students

Status of Projects That Matter

Establish IT Infrastructure
Launch Kickstarter Campaign
Establish Core Classes
Put all of our content into a single website

Held Over to 2014

Overhead Projection System
Finish Classroom (casters and chairs)
Access Control System
Skills Database
Signage for outside of building and parking lot
Security Cameras
Organize Donations (Phase II)

New For 2014
Establish a standard Kit for each work table
Safety and Usage docs and sign offs for equipment

2014 Goals

Open workshops for CNC machining, woodworking, and metalworking
Establish a regular Kids’ Open Make program
Host quarterly Restart Parties
Bring an Arduino class for students to the Tampa Heights Community Center
Group Project: Hunting Lionfish with an OpenROV submersible

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