LEGO Quadcopter Kickstarter

There’s a new Kickstarter for a LEGO quadcopter / drone kit from Ed Scott and┬áNick Margarone.

LEGO Quadcopter Drone

They first met up at a “Everything Quadrotor” Meetup we organized back in November. Ed showed off his autonomous GPS-controlled hexcopter and talked about a lot of his experiences flying, including recovering his copter from crashes in lakes and ponds. Nick did a presentation about quadcopter basics. Nick’s also the one that shot the aerial footage for our own successful Kickstarter fundraiser.

Nick Margarone and Ed Scott - Everything Quadrotor Meetup

Nick and Ed have been talking quadcopters ever since and set up their first Kickstarter for a LEGO quadcopter frame, based on the design Ed did last year that got a ton of media attention. It’s a neat project and a great starter kit for getting into quadcopters. If you’re local, come by the Tampa Hackerspace any Tuesday night and there are always quadcopter enthusiasts around to talk to.

We’re excited to see this first of hopefully many Kickstarters from Tampa Hackerspace people. We learned a lot running our own Kickstarter and are looking forward to putting all that knowledge to work to help members launch their own, whether they’re funding a small side project or bootstrapping a new business venture.


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